Review of Dark Screams volume 6

Not a “clunker” in the bunch!

Dark Screams vol 6 is the latest, and in my opinion, the best offering in the series.
It Includes the following 6 Stories:
1) The Old Dude’s Ticker by Stephen King

For fans of Stephen King this is a rare treat.

An early and previously unpublished homage to Edgar Allan Poe.
2) The Rich Are Different by Lisa Morton

They are REALLY  different.  In the age of Trump this is a cautionary tale about giving up your humanity in exchange for comfort and security.
3) The Manicure by Nell Quinn Gibney

Creepy “ordinary everyday life” horror that cuts you to the quick.
4) That Comforting Voice by Norman Prentiss

Sleep deprivation for new parents is a terrible thing.
5)  The Situations by Joyce Carol Oates

In this short story from Joyce Carol Oates we get 3 feline related, micro short stories or is it one story? 

This story stuck with me as I puzzled it out.
6) The Corpse King by Tim Curran

If I’m not mistaken this is the first time a novella has been included in the Dark Scream series. Dark,  creepy,  atmospheric,  Lovecraftian.


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