The Dirty Rat by Drew Estate Cigars


I joked on Twitter earlier that the working title of this blog post was WWSS (What Would Satan Smoke). Why? Well this is one Hell of a STRONG Cigar!

In fact this is the strongest corona sized cigar I have ever smoked.

Here are the particulars:

The first thing you notice is the jet black wrapper. The pre light scent at the foot is very fragrant “Perfumey”. I had to ask John Brooke of Drew Estate if this was going to be part of the infused Acid line.  He told me no it was part of the Liga Privada line but could not give me any more info on the blend as it is still a secret. This info will probably be released at the Annual Convention in New Orleans.

The Construction is tight with no soft spots as you might expect from Drew Estate.

On lighting the first thought is Whoa! This is a strong cigar. It’s that type of strength that hits you in the stomach.

There is extreme spice on the retrohale. Retrohale is a term coined by David Diaz aka @Doc_StogieFresh which means exhaling the smoke out of your nose.

It is loaded with great flavors and even though strong it is not harsh.


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